Business Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Not only can portion of insurance cover the building itself for specified losses it can also respond for many items listed below:

  • Loss of Income
  • Crop Insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Inventory
  • Business Personal Property (desks, computers, cameras etc..)
  • Tenant Improvements (interior construction or permanently attached upgrades)
  • Other items-Call today to find out.

Crop & Inventory/Finished Stock Insurance

It all starts here, Germination (3-10 days) Seedling (2-3 weeks) Vegetative (3-16 weeks) Flowering (8-11 weeks) approximately. With so much attention to detail from watering to humidification, lighting schedules, mediums/soil/vitamins and plant food options this can make any supposed “master cultivator” think twice of that title if yields don’t produce properly or come out to anticipated terpene, THC and other levels it was supposed to. Now what about other things out of your control such as; fire and smoke damage, theft, water damage. Can you afford to take a loss from type of hazards? Woosaa, you can ease your mind knowing your leafy friends can be covered, whether you’re an indoor/outdoor*/greenhouse cultivator there is a insurance program that can be tailored to your operations fitting. This also includes plants going through the curation process (cut off, dried, trimmed). Finished stock can also be covered with proper SAFEGUARDS in place, find out today for a quote.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Just what you need, your humidifier to take a dump unexpectedly. The extraction equipment malfunctioned and now you’re losing valuable time to make a living or a light bulb you just bought blew up and caused a fire to your business or cannabis products. These are some examples where equipment breakdown can save the day, or business. Losses due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of just about any type of equipment, including photocopiers and computers. This insurance can apply to the cost of repair or replace the equipment itself and any other property damaged by the equipment breakdown (i.e. business income and extra expense loss). Equipment breakdown insurance differentiates from traditional boiler and machinery (BM) insurance, because of being more descriptive of the coverage’s provided.

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