Cannabis Cultivation Insurance

Marijuana Crop Cultivators Insurance

Every business, no matter what market you are in, should definitely have comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure that if something catastrophic were to happen, your company would be covered and the possible damage or losses would not bankrupt you. For your cannabis cultivation and grow business, having insurance is doubly important, especially for your crop.

At each stage of the cannabis growth cycle, it is imperative that you have insurance coverage that takes into account the needs of the plant for every stage. At OG Cannabis Insurance, we understand how important it is to have your crop remain strong and healthy, and we also know that it can be devastating to lose that crop. We offer insurance that is exclusive to the cannabis industry, so we are well aware of the needs for your business and why cannabis crop insurance is so vital for the success of your company. Our Cannabis Cultivation Insurance Package ensures that your crop is protected because we place an insurable value at each stage of the growth cycle.

Cannabis Crop Insurance

Life is unpredictable, and it is critical for businesses and individuals to protect themselves and their assets from the unpredictable parts of life. In the cannabis industry, your primary product is your plants, so it is essential that they are covered just in case life throws a curveball. Suffering a loss is difficult enough, but not being insured for that loss can be devastating and possibly bankrupting.

OG Cannabis Insurance is here for all of your cannabis insurance needs. We are well-acquainted with and knowledgeable about the industry because it is our only focus. Our goal is to make sure that cannabis grow and cultivation companies are able to continue being successful even in the event of weather issues, theft, fire, or anything else that may threaten the success of your crop.

When you invest in our cannabis crop insurance, we have the Cannabis Cultivation Insurance Package which takes into account each stage of the cannabis growth cycle. Our insurance covers your crop as seeds, clones/seedlings, vegetative plants, flower plants, harvested plants, and finished stock, and the coverage includes:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • ACV loss settlement
  • Limits up to $10 million
  • Medical and recreational operations
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse

No matter what your operation is like or what stage your crop is at, the cannabis crop insurance from OG Cannabis Insurance will keep your business running and allow you to operate with less stress. Because we have been in the insurance industry for over 18 years, we have the knowledge and carrier relationships to place coverage for the complicated business of cannabis operations. And our policies come with no added fees or extra wait times for product branding or risk management services.

The Importance of Cannabis Crop Insurance

More than almost anything else in your company, your cannabis crop is of the utmost importance for the success of your business. That is why it is so important to protect it. Without your crop, there would be no business. Cannabis crop insurance allows you to rest easy knowing that your company will be protected in the event of something catastrophic. No one can fully prepare for an unexpected event or situation, so it is important that you take steps ahead of time just in case. If something does happen, then, you won’t have to add to your list of concerns whether or not your crop is insured. With OG Cannabis Insurance, you know it is and can focus on getting back on track following an occurrence.

At OG Cannabis Insurance, we know that each stage of the crop growth cycle is unique and comes with its own challenges. That’s why our Cannabis Cultivation Insurance Package places an insurable value at each stage of the cycle, and we will pay the insured amount of the particular stage of the cycle if you suffer a loss.

We also have General Liability, Building, and Lights & Grow Equipment insurance options that can be included in your package. You rely on your business to provide you with your livelihood, so it is critical that you work to protect it at all costs. We have a wide range of insurance options and coverages that are sure to meet your specific company’s needs.

Our crop insurance is an exclusive coverage to our cannabis insurance policy, so be sure to take advantage of all that we offer. Other business insurance policies may not be able to offer the type of coverage that we can because they are not specifically designed with the cannabis industry in mind. OG Cannabis Insurance is only concerned with the cannabis industry and we have structured our packages to meet the needs of businesses in that industry.

Our General Liability Cannabis Insurance includes:

  • Available $2 million occurrence / $2 million aggregate limit
  • Damages to rented premises
  • Medical limit
  • Defense outside the policy limits

And covers:

  • Bodily injury / property damage
  • Cannabis landlord additional insured endorsement
  • Cost of defense
  • Duty to defend

For the Cannabis Property Coverage, we include:

  • Up to $10 million per location
  • Theft – no sublimit
  • Fire
  • Multiple deductible choices

And covers:

  • Dispensary inventory – cannabis crop, edibles, CBD products, & non-cannabis products
  • Business personal property
  • Building
  • Tenants betterments and improvements
  • Money and securities
  • Outdoor property (fencing, signs)
  • Personal effects of others
  • Employee dishonesty

Because you care about the success of your cannabis business, OG Cannabis Insurance wants to help you stay on the road to success with full coverage of your crops. Contact us today to learn more and to get a free quote for your cannabis crop insurance.

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At OG Cannabis Insurance, we have 18 years of experience exclusively in the cannabis insurance industry, so we know exactly what your cannabis business needs and the type of coverage your unique company requires. We want to make sure that your business does not go up in smoke due to a lack of insurance during an unfortunate and unexpected situation. Call us today for information on our crop insurance and all of the other cannabis insurance types we offer.


cannabis cultivate 86aedacb953247984365b9949690be29.jpgCANNABIS CROP INSURANCE

Insurance for cannabis crop at each desired growth cycle:

  • Seeds
  • Clones/Seedlings
  • Vegetative Plants
  • Flower Plants
  • Harvested Pants
  • Finished Stock


  • FIRE
  • ACV Loss Settlement
  • Limits up to $10 Million
  • Medical and Recreational Operations
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse



  • Available $2 Million Occurrence / $2 Million Aggregate Limit
  • Damages to Rented Premises
  • Medical Limit
  • Defense outside the Policy Limits


  • Bodily Injury/Property Damage
  • Cannabis Landlord Additional Insured Endorsement
  • Cost of Defense
  • Duty to Defend



  • Up to $10 Million – Per Location
  • THEFT- No Sublimit
  • FIRE
  • Multiple Deductible Choices


  • Dispensary Inventory- Cannabis Crop, Edibles, CBD
  • Products, & Non-Cannabis Products
  • Business Personal Property
  • Building
  • Tenants Betterments and Improvements
  • Money & Securities
  • Outdoor Property (Fencing, Signs)
  • Personal Effects of Others
  • Employee Dishonesty