Cannabis Property Insurance

Cannabis Property Insurance

Owning and operating a business of any kind requires a great amount of time, energy, and dedication if that company is going to be successful. Business owners work tirelessly to ensure that their products or services meet the standards that they have set and that each employee is doing his or her part to keep the business running smoothly. One area of business ownership, however, that can become a serious problem (even to the point of bankruptcy) is an unexpected situation resulting in serious damage or loss. The best, and truly only, way to prepare for such an occurrence: insurance.

For your cannabis grow and cultivation business, it is essential that you protect the investments you have made, especially the property you have worked so hard for. The grow equipment, display cases, and buildings are all a vital part of your company and should be given the proper protection they need. At OG Cannabis Insurance, we specialize in insurance for the cannabis industry so we are well aware of everything that goes into running a successful cannabis business. That is why we offer a wide array of insurance coverages that will meet the needs of your company, no matter your size or specialty.

We know that you stake your livelihood on the cannabis business you have started and continued to operate successfully. Why risk your investment by not insuring it? We will protect your business, property, and inventory with our cannabis property insurance in the event of a theft or unexpected damage.

Cannabis Property Insurance

When it comes to operating a company, there are many items that can be included in the term “property” and each of those items is important for the success of your business. If something unexpected and catastrophic should happen to that property, it can have serious negative effects on the prosperity of your business. Just like with homeowners, it is important for business owners to prepare for things outside of their control by investing in property insurance to safeguard their livelihoods.

In the cannabis grow and cultivation industry, you have plenty of property that is necessary for the proper operation of your cannabis business. You have invested quite a bit of money in your property, so it is essential that you protect that investment with insurance designed for the cannabis industry specifically. The insurance coverage we offer at OG Cannabis Insurance provides you with the following to help you rest easy knowing that your property is well taken care of:

  • Up to $10 million – per location
  • Theft with no sublimit
  • Fire
  • Multiple deductible choices

The loss of even one item of property could be devastating to your cannabis business, let alone all or most of it in the event of a catastrophic occurrence. With OG Cannabis Insurance, you can rest assured knowing that all of your property is covered and damage, theft, fire, or anything else will not lead to an unfortunate end.

Types of Property Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

OG Cannabis Insurance knows that all of your property is valuable and necessary for the success of your cannabis business. We are uniquely situated in the insurance industry because we specialize in the cannabis industry. Our insurance agents have the experience, skills, and knowledge to set your company up with the best possible insurance coverage that you could need. Our cannabis property insurance covers the following items and can, of course, be customized to meet your company’s individual requirements or requests:

  • Dispensary inventory: This includes cannabis, edibles, CBD products, and non-cannabis products as well.
  • Business personal property: The moveable items which are owned by your business and can include things like office supplies, furniture, computers, and machinery. As long as it isn’t part of the building, it is included as business personal property.
  • Building: The structure which houses everything you need or use to run your company.
  • Tenants betterments and improvements: These are the fixtures, alterations, installations, or additions to the building that you occupy but do not own.
  • Money and securities: All of your profits and other monetarily important items in your facility.
  • Outdoor property: This includes things like fencing and signage used on the exterior of your building.
  • Personal effects of others: Anything left in the care and custody of the insured (you as the business owner) but is not your own property. This can be items that your employees own and store in the workplace.
  • Employee dishonesty: As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes there is an employee or group of employees who are not looking out for the good of the company and set out to commit fraudulent acts which may result in financial loss. Our property insurance will cover that as well.

OG Cannabis Insurance is happy to customize your property insurance coverage if you feel you need more or less, depending on your circumstances. Our experience in the cannabis industry allows us to understand your situation and adjust our packages as needed.

Contact OG Cannabis Insurance Today

If you are a cannabis grow or cultivation business and are in need of property insurance or any other type of business-related insurance coverage, contact OG Cannabis Insurance. We have over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry, and we specialize in the cannabis industry (licensed in several states including California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Michigan, Maine, and Arizona) so we understand your business’s unique requirements.

We have fully customizable insurance plans to meet and exceed your needs, and we are happy to discuss everything we offer with you. Contact us today to learn more about cannabis property insurance and to get a free quote on your insurance. Because you have dedicated your time, energy, and money to your business and count on the success of your investments, let us help you reduce your stress about the potential loss that may happen in the event of a disaster or theft. We want you to succeed, and our insurance plans are one simple way to keep you on the road to success. Call OG Cannabis Insurance today for more information.


  • Up to $10 Million – Per Location
  • THEFT- No Sublimit
  • FIRE
  • Multiple Deductible Choices


  • Dispensary Inventory- Cannabis, Edibles, CBD Products, & Non-Cannabis Products
  • Business Personal Property
  • Building
  • Tenants Betterments and Improvements
  • Money & Securities
  • Outdoor Property (Fencing, Signs)
  • Personal Effects of Others
  • Employee Dishonesty


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